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Founded in 2015 by Diana Ejaita, ethical fashion brand Wearyourmask mixes African textiles with minimalistic design. With a background in illustrating and textile design, the designer applies her experience to the brand, relying on a repetitive series of symbols as its iconic motif.

Born in Italy to an Italian mother and a Nigerian father, Ejaita studied in France before moving to Germany, where Wearyourmask is based.

Just like the designer herself, the brand is a mix of European and African roots, and each piece works to create a dialogue between tradition and modernism; and between the east and west.

“I like to experiment with printing on different surfaces and through researching textiles, I learned about using garments as a way to give messages,” the designer explained, speaking to Nataal. “The name of the brand comes from the fact that I am interested in African cultures where masks play important roles in terms of representing a divinity, spirit or animal during ceremonies and rituals. The mask, as well as the costume, has the power to open a window to another dimension away from the daily reality we live in.”

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